Conference Natural Capital | Let’s talk business!

23 november 2016


You are invited to attend the international conference Natural Capital | Let’s talk business! on 23-24 November 2016 at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague (the Netherlands). Many conferences all over the world are dedicated to grand ambitions and lofty goals for a more sustainable world. But for businesses and entrepreneurs, only results count. How can we make the conservation and sustainable use of nature a part of doing business? And how can companies seize opportunities in a world dedicated to sustainable development? Enough has been said about the need to change. It is time to talk business.

5 reasons to attend Natural Capital | Let’s talk business!

  • Get insights – CEO’s and entrepreneurs share their best practices. Experts present tools for companies. Researchers inform you about the changing market and the opportunities Natural Capital can offer your business.
  • Inspiring speeches – by business leaders like Chad Holliday (Chairman at Shell) and Jan Peter Balkenende (Partner Corporate Responsibility at EY.
  • Concrete answers – to questions like: What makes Natural Capital indispensable to a modern business? How have other companies integrated Natural Capital into their business? How do investors value the preservation of nature in their decisions? How will financial institutions shape a market that prices the impact of investments on nature?
  • Networking opportunities – meet business leaders – from CEO’s to startups –, leading scientists and international organizations interested in the green economy.
  • Get a First-hand look – at location in leading companies in the Netherlands.

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